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E-Star in Education

The Kansas City Star’s E-Star in Education program is a powerful and exciting online Media in Education (MIE) website that consistently delivers unique, timely and creative educational resources. E-Star in Education is intended to provide teachers at all levels, from kindergarten to adult education, with the tools to provide new ideas and programs that they can use in the classroom.

An E-Star in Education subscription not only provides access to E-Star at no charge, but also Apps, downloadable Teaching Tools, YouTube Learning Channels and interactive topical content. Classroom E-Star subscriptions are sponsored by generous subscriber donations.
MIE educators have consistently recognized the value of including The Kansas City Star as part of their teaching curriculum. E-Star in Education has a long-standing relationship with teachers and its use in the classroom for curriculum in the subject areas of math, reading, geography, history, art, diversity, public opinion, government, social issues, careers and many more. Teachers recognize that their involvement with E-Star enhances their teaching efforts and brings the world into their classroom environment. Adult learners also use the resources available on this website.

Efficient. Teacher registration and class enrollment provides access to E-Star, the electronic replica of The Kansas City Star seven days a week and to all educational programs and special site features throughout the school year and summer session. Access is not limited to the classroom; students and teachers are encouraged to use the E-Star from home.

Easy-to-Use. E-Star is searchable by keywords and print only what's applicable to your lesson plans. Once posted, the educational content and teacher guides are archived and available throughout the school year and summer session.

The Kansas City Star is committed to the belief that newspapers/e-Editions are one of the most valuable resources to date. E-Star in Education was established so students would have the opportunity to obtain world and local knowledge through the news. E-Star in Education offers and supplies newspapers and educational supplements to students and teachers in an effort to provide valuable resources to aid students in their lifelong journey of learning.