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What is MIE?  MIE or Media in Education, is a program designed to enhance learning through the use of E-Star, plus provide dynamic, engaging content, relevant to students grades K-12. This program has also been referred to as NIE or Newspapers in Education. 

What is an e-Edition? An e-Edition is an exact replica of The Kansas City Star. The daily contents of The Kansas City Star are transmitted electronically and available to teachers and students on any computer, tablet or smart phone with Internet connection.  

How do I sign up? It’s easy! Click on the Home tab at the top of the page. New teachers to the MIE program will need to create an account by clicking on the Enroll Now button. Returning teachers can login using the Teacher login in button. Once a new account has been created you will receive a verification email. Please verify your email address. Once your email has been verified you will be able to access your FREE sponsored electronic subscription and gain access to programs, weekly interactive lessons, serial stories and more.

How do I access the MIE website? Returning teachers click on the Teacher login button on the Home page. Use the email and password you used to create your teacher account at registration.

New teachers need to set up and account and add classes, please see ‘How do I sign up’. Students will need the class id assigned by the MIE system and the password the teacher created for the class to access the MIE website.

Can I use E-Star in my classroom without everyday computer access for every student?
Yes, online content can be shared with students in the classroom via an LCD projector or Smart Board, which requires access to only one computer. Additionally, copies of E-Star articles and E-Star in Education programs can be printed and distributed to classes.

What if my classroom computer doesn’t have internet access, has limited broadband width, or isn’t connected to a printer?
No extra software or downloads are required, and since  your E-Star subscription is not linked to your classroom, your students can read E-Star and access E-Star in Education materials online at home, at the library or anywhere else with a computer and internet access. Articles and materials can be emailed or saved.

What does it cost? Teacher and student subscriptions to E-Star in Education are provided at no cost! All teachers are required to do is confirm an emailed affidavit that will be sent to at the end of the school year or summer session. MIE subscriptions are supported by subscriber donations.

What Programs are available? You will find interactive online topical news content, multiple serial stories, weekly programs and interactive quizzes. MIE also offers special programs such as Pigskin Geography, Pigskin, Jr., Kids Scoop News and Weekly Lessons.

What are Weekly Lessons? Weekly Lessons are topical news lessons and other innovative materials that are based on current events and assist teachers in introducing E-Star to students.

How do I use Learning Tools? Learning Tools makes it easy to find the grade level and subject matter in a few clicks.

What are the Featured Apps? Learning takes place when we make it fun. We got the ball rolling by providing learning apps we found on iTunes and Google Play.

What are Featured Videos? Some students are visual learners and videos help explain materials that can be overwhelming.

What is Teacher Resources? We know teachers are short on time. The Teacher Resources section has helpful links to educational websites and informational resources.

What is Prep Sports? Prep Sports includes high school boy’s and girl’s game coverage, player features, discussion forums and more.

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