About NIE

Welcome to News in Education

The Kansas City Star's News in Education (NIE) program is dedicated to promoting literacy in our communities. Our goal is to educate, inform and inspire students by providing classroom teachers unique, timely and creative online resources to engage students and encourage lifelong learning. NIE provides resources for teaches and students in all subject areas for grades K-12. The eEdition (digital newspaper) subscription and educational resources are provided at no cost to schools and learning facilities, thanks to generous donations made by community members, businesses and our subscribers.

Features & Benefits

Educational: NIE enhances teaching efforts and helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the “real” world. We have a wide-range of specific NIE activity guides that can help teachers use the eEdition to meet state and common core standards.

Efficient. Teacher registration and class enrollment provides access to the daily eEdition along with all educational programs, resources and special website features throughout the school year. These include educational apps, downloadable teaching tools, YouTube learning channels, and a wide-variety of other educational resources for K-12 learning.

Easy-to-Use. The eEdition is easy to read – you see the paper exactly as it appears in print. You can search by keywords to quickly find, project or print what’s applicable for your lesson plans. For students, they will be able to read, save and share articles in a familiar digital environment. As far as the educational resources, once posted to the website, all materials are available throughout the school year.
Convenient: Teachers and students can access the eEdition and website resources from any device at school with an internet connection. In addition, students and teachers are encouraged to use the eEdition and website resources from home on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone for lesson planning, research, and homework assignments.
Current: The eEdition serves as a “living textbook”, reporting history as it happens. It helps create interest in current events through eye-catching photos and engaging copy and will expand students’ knowledge of the world we live in and help develop their critical thinking sills. The educational resources are up-to-date and relevant for all subject areas geared towards K-12 grade levels.